Solution Orientated Capital

The last 20 years have ushered in a dramatic rise in demand for natural resources like energy, water, food, and materials. McKinsey call this the Resource Revolution. How can industry exploit technology to do more with less of these natural resources? Established resource-related technologies are the most cost-effective and reliable way to produce critical resources (energy, food, water, materials). But how can industry build business cases predicated on new and innovative technology if they cannot assess the technical risk/rewards until wide-scale market adoption takes place?

At Method Capital (MC) we believe that we can solve this critical issue. MC is focused on deploying or rebuilding resource systems with high economic impact with solutions that are available to us today. MC fills the finance gap where Resource Innovators are crying out for support in key challenge areas.

As an asset investor with truly permanent capital, Method Capital provides a standardized origination and underwriting engine that results in profitable funding for these smaller deals and aggregates them to sufficient size for leverage, securitization or other forms of liquidity.

We serve Entrepreneurs & Innovators, That appreciate capital which avoids new rounds of equity raising that diluted the founders remaining stake. Method Capital solves the project financing problem in a repeatable way. We don’t just reduce for risk for end users, we remove core financing and operational risks from use of the new tech. As founders and innovators we also take the sensitive question of equity dilution off the table – we offer equity-less capital.