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Disruptive Technology Funding Solutions

Funding Designed by Disruptors, for Disruptors


If your business displaces existing technology and shakes up your industry, we understand the challenges you face.


Early stage companies need financial options to offer their target market.


If your technology allows you to create more with less and to deliver greater value with less input, you have our attention.

About Method Capital

Developed in Partnership
with Innovators

We opened our doors to Cleantech innovators in a series of confidential one to one sessions. They identified a massive latent demand for a new funding method, a concept where a service model replaced a capital model and the adopter paid against agreed performance deliverables. Adopters get what they need: energy saved, energy stored, wastewater treated, human capital displaced, efficiency generated without the hassle and complications of asset purchasing.

The key stakeholders play their individual parts:

  • Method Capital acquires the product technology from the Cleantech company as a capital sale
  • The Cleantech company owns all the risk associated with performance & technical benefit delivery
  • The benefit is paid for (as an operating expense) by the adopter to Method Capital which owns the resource efficient asset
  • The adopter benefits from faster and risk-free access to the product technology on a 3-10 year primary service contract

Funding Solutions

Why Method Capital

Selecting and qualifying disruptive Cleantech opportunities is one of the key differentiators of Method Capital. We do not profile in the same way an equity investor (Venture or PE Firm) would for investment targets. There is a level of elegance to the simplicity of our model but it should not be confused with something that is easily copied or replicated. Our focus is on Cleantech firms that have only a few validated pilots (disruption proven at a modest scale) and are considering a funding round for production & delivery capacity scale up. Customers are willing but the capital budget process is too unwieldy so Method Capital solves the financing problem and grows its business from ‘win’ outcomes .

Why it Works

Win / Win / Win


Cleantech/ Founder win

Acceleration of pipeline and deal delivery, bridge gap for willing but capital-shy end-user, non-dilutive finance


End User win

No capital or technical risk, the benefit is delivered as a solution, the value is realized from day 1.


Method Capital win

Service based contracts with choice blue chip clients, technical risk is borne by the Cleantech partner, finance only scales up if the initial project is a success.

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